Stay on top of demands from stakeholders and tap into the minds of global business leaders for inspiration.

Our online platform allows boards of directors, investors, CEOs and other executives from all over the world
to learn from each other – without having to travel!

Competent Boards Certificate Program

Professional development programs for boards, executives and their advisors on how to identify, articulate and confidently
act upon the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their business

Why Competent Boards?

For almost 30 years I have had the opportunity to advise global business leaders on how to turn sustainability into strong financial results.

Leaders are asking me for cutting-edge knowledge – and what could be better than offering that in a convenient and collaborative way.

Competent Boards is a place for future and current directors and business leaders who want to learn from each other, grow their competencies, and improve their organization’s resiliency. Read Mrs. Bank Jorgensen’s bio here.

Gain Insight from the Following Leaders

“Incredible initiative. Competent Boards will share knowledge, experience and insight to help train board members on how to capitalise on opportunities the SDGs present.”

– Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever, Chair, International Chamber of Commerce & 
The B-Team & Vice-Chair, United Nations Global Compact

“I think the focus that you have brought to the whole development of governance at the board level is timely. It’s not that we’re lagging, but we need to have people like yourself who are challenging some of the conventions of governance and forcing us to think beyond these conventions.”

– Peter Dey, Chairman, Paradigm Capital Inc and the “godfather of Canadian governance”

“…business leaders realize that how they do business can be good for business and society if you do it in the right way. That is, in my mind, a major opportunity for business and business leaders to play a different role in society.”

-Jim Hagemann Snabe – Chair, A.P Moller – Maersk, Siemens, Vice-Chair, Allianz
& Member of the Board of Trustee, World Economic Forum

“As this new risk (climate change) grows, a board would be expected to develop skill in this as well. That doesn’t mean that every board member needs to be a member of the IPCC or have a Master’s degree in climate change, any more than everybody needs to be brilliant at financial risk, for example. But it needs to be covered. And so, I really commend Competent Boards. I think it’s a brilliant idea to emphasis this.”

– Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources Institute, Global Trustee, World Economic Forum, and Member, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development