Competent Boards provides education, certification, and strategic advisory services for board members and business leaders

We provide insight, so you can provide oversight — and foresight

Competent Boards provides global peer-to-peer training where board directors, executives and investors can learn best practices from other leaders to reach sustainable success.

Our education programs and corporate advisory services are designed to meet the growing demand from regulators, investors, and other stakeholders to be compliant, resilient, and value-driven.

1000+ alumni in nearly 60 countries from organizations such as:
















The Gold Standard in Sustainability and ESG Governance Education

As the premier provider of sustainability and ESG education for boards and business leaders, we lead the industry with unmatched expertise and innovation. Our programs empower leaders to drive sustainable success and robust governance. Join us and experience the pinnacle of ESG education, where excellence meets impact.

feel they have wider and deeper insight, and are better equipped for the more intense demands of a board position.
feel more confident communicating with the board and other stakeholders.
got a new board seat or board committee appointment.
would recommend Competent Boards to their network.

Premium Live Learning Experience

Join peers for a safe space discussion with global thought leaders, and gain access to invaluable insight from board members, executives and investors

Sustainability & ESG Designation (GCB.D) and Certification

Stay current with best practices, latest regulations and trends, and questions to ask for effective board and management oversight

Climate & Nature Designation (CCB.D) and Certification

Provides board members and senior leadership teams with the critical knowledge and competencies on interconnected climate, nature and biodiversity matters impacting enterprise performance.

Self-Guided Programs

Flexible, on-demand access to course materials, tailored to fit your schedule

Sustainability & ESG Certificate

Achieve competencies in responsible business practices and learn how to navigate the evolving, corporate landscape

Climate & Biodiversity Certificate

Learn climate risk integration and strategies to adapt to a sustainable, clean economy


Choose from 19 individual micro-credentials to enhance a wide range of competencies

Corporate Solutions

Flexible offers to keep your entire board compliant and value driven

Corporate Subscription Plans

Flexible and tailored packages to meet your board’s needs for ongoing education, certification and advice

Corporate Advisory Services

Customized services such as speaking engagements, board training and board self-assessment

Upskilling business leaders for the future

A Competent Boards certification provides the necessary skills to effectively oversee and manage sustainability and climate risk strategies in accordance with new standards and regulations from ISSB – IFRS S1 and IFRS S2, EFRAG –  ESRS, CSRD, and other jurisdictions.

Our global, diverse faculty has rich experience in engaging with board members and executives to effectively navigate critical issues such as geopolitics, technology, AI, environment-social-governance (ESG), cybersecurity, human capital, climate change, biodiversity and more.

Learn from a range of world-renowned business and thought leaders. Our 180+ faculty include:

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Primarily discuss the topics through the lens of serving on the board. You must be serving on at least one board with fiduciary responsibility to enter this stream.

Discuss the topics through a wide range of business perspectives (including the board) and comprise senior executives, investors, and board advisors.

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