Stay on top of new challenges and demands facing boards and
tap into the minds of global business leaders for inspiration

Our online platform invites boards of directors, investors, CEOs and other executives from all over the world
to learn from each other – without having to travel!

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Why Competent Boards?

For almost 30 years I have had the opportunity to advise global business leaders on how to turn sustainability into strong financial results.

Leaders are asking me for cutting-edge knowledge – and what could be better than offering that in a convenient and collaborative way.

Competent Boards is a place for future and current directors and business leaders who want to learn from each other, grow their competencies, and improve their organization’s resiliency. Read Mrs. Bank Jorgensen’s bio here.

Competent Boards Certificate Program

Professional development programs for boards, executives and their advisors on how to identify, articulate and confidently
act upon the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their business

Imagine learning from the worlds greatest board stewards on strategic topics such as:

ESG ● Climate ● Diversity ● Human Rights ● Supply Chain ● SDG ● Anti-Corruption ● Transparency ● Responsible Data Use
Cybersecurity ● Tax ● Investment ● Pay ● Engagement & Disclosure 

Competent Boards Announces New European Partnership

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Tom Cummings, a renowned board advisor with 25 years of executive and board experience, is joining Competent Boards as a European partner.

With the new addition, Competent Boards is able to offer its online program to even more global leaders. As an experienced board facilitator, Tom will also be able to deliver our in-person offerings including customized boards education and other in-person board advisory services.

Read more about the partnership and Tom here.

“..a certification from Competent Boards would be extremely useful in giving comfort to investors, that they have at least begun their journey, and are looking at these issues with clarity, competence and a strategic view.”

 – Curtis Ravenel, Special Advisor, Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

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“As contributor, I’m glad to see the positive impact it has. The gathering of world leaders in Davos will further speed up the request for leaders who understand and take action on climate, ESG, stakeholder engagement, and the other topics covered by the Competent Boards Certificate Program.”

– Paul Polman, Former CEO, Unilever and  Chair, International Chamber of Commerce 

Join our community of competent and engaged leaders and board members from around the world to learn more about the future of good governance. 

What we offer to serve your company and boards needs:

Certificate Programs designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the biggest issues and opportunities presented to companies and their boards.

Select Sessions including Climate, ESG, Diversity, Human Rights, SDGs, and Cybersecurity.

Interviews & Webinars are a chance to hear directly from experts and peers on how they view and manage some of the most challenging governance issues of our time.

Board Advisory using our our tool-box and research to determine the most impactful and effective plan to move forward to bring sustainable success to your company.

Customized Board Education to inspire while providing honest and constructive feedback to help you succeed in the long-run.

Coaching sessions allow you to ask questions and receive insight from experienced board facilitator Helle Bank Jorgensen.

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