On March 6, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a final rule on disclosure of climate risk in a close and contentious 3-2 vote.  

Competent Boards, a global leader in board education and certification, is pleased to offer a fast-paced and provocative webinar on Monday, March 11 at 10 am ET to discuss the SEC’s rule, its global impact, and implications for boards and senior management.

Some will argue that the final rule is “watered down” relative to the original SEC proposal two years ago, for example, with removal of Scope 3 reporting requirements. 

The real question is whether the SEC’s final rule better informs investors and other stakeholders and allows for global comparability of climate risk – “enhanced consistency, comparability, and reliability” according to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. 

Topics covered include:
– Reporting requirements
– Issues benefiting or possibly impeding global comparability of climate risk reporting
– Cost-benefit analysis
– Specific competencies required by boards and senior business leaders to step up to their obligation as the front-lines of corporate governance and stewards of the future.

The discussion will be led by:

– John Streur: John has a long and very impressive career with Calvert Research and Management and was Founding Member of the Investor Advisory Group of SASB Standards. He is also an Advisory Board Member ESG Initiative of The Wharton School, and an Advisory Board Member of the Boston University Impact Measurement & Allocation Program (IMAP).

– Lindsey Stewart, CFA: Lindsey brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Director of Investment Stewardship Research at Morningstar Europe Ltd. A seasoned financial analyst and corporate reporting specialist, Lindsey is renowned for his insightful commentary on the convergence of sustainability and corporate governance. His nuanced understanding of how companies, investors, and regulators navigate the complexities of environmental and social responsibility makes him a respected authority in the field.

– Helle Bank Jorgensen: Helle is the CEO and founder of Competent Boards. She is an internationally recognized expert on sustainable business practices, with a 30-year record of turning environmental, social, and governance risks into innovative and profitable business opportunities. Amongst numerous committee and board positions, Helle serves as an Insights Council member with the Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence.

– Jeff Thomson: Jeff is Senior Strategic Advisor at Competent Boards, Board Member at Coleridge Initiative and Executive in Residence – Thought Leadership and Global Business Development at Becker Professional Education. Previously, Jeff served as President and CEO of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) for nearly 15 years.  He also was Lead Director on the board of COSO, a non-profit consortium globally recognized for its principles-based guidance on internal control, enterprise risk management, and corporate governance.

Date: Monday 11, 2024
10 – 11 AM ET

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