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Climate Designation Program

Climate Designation Program

6 Sessions

1.5 hours per session





Whether you are a board member or mid-to-senior level executive, you cannot afford to ignore the profound and far-reaching impacts of climate change on the world of business. 

Expectations are on the rise from stakeholders that companies take climate matters seriously. Investors are no longer satisfied simply with disclosure of climate impacts and risks. New and proposed regulations can and will radically change the future landscape for all companies when it comes to climate change strategy and disclosures. And failure to prepare effectively is likely to have operational, financial and reputational impacts.

Learn about the risks and opportunities business will face, and find out how you and your company can become future-fit.Upon completing the six interactive sessions, you will be prepared to navigate this ever-changing environment of uncertainty, as well as lead your company towards a net-zero future. 

Board recruiters, investors, board members and executives worldwide believe that our  programs deliver world-class education. Discover why today. 

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What you'll get from this program

What sets this program apart?

Our many session leaders include:

Program Streams

Though the content in both program streams is identical, occasionally speakers may change.

Board member

Board Members – this stream is for you if you are a non-executive director, an independent director, or an executive director of a company with 100+ employees.

Business leaders

Business Leaders/Investors – this stream is for you if you’re a senior executive, investor, or board advisor.

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Session Descriptions

  • Learn how climate change will impact your company, supply chains, customers, employees and the societies you operate in

  • Gain an overview of the science, as well as growing regulatory and societal demands

  • Prepare to respond to the changes in that regulatory landscape, as well as the growing expectations and demands of your stakeholders

  • Examine the pivotal role that the board, executives and finance providers must play to mitigate risk and plan for the future

  • Prepare your company for its transition to net zero

  • Examine oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

  • Gain an understanding of the rapidly evolving climate change regulatory landscape

  • Learn how to navigate that landscape, and how its transition from voluntary to mandatory will impact your business operations

  • Keep up to date with the latest climate-change commitments and examine how they will affect your company

  • Understand the role of internal and external carbon pricing legislation, and how it can impact your company’s value chain

  • Learn about existing climate change disclosure frameworks, standards and ratings agencies

  • Discover if your company is ready for the transition from voluntary to mandatory climate disclosures

  • Learn how to avoid legal action for failing to fulfil your fiduciary responsibilities, as well as how to defend and justify your company’s climate actions 

  • Examine oversight, accountability and the role of the board within the context of climate action

  • Learn the importance of formulating and committing towards meaningful science-based targets

  • Prepare and respond to an ever-increasing range of climate-related demands from investors and insurers.

  • Learn how to mobilise finance and influence companies towards securing a net-zero future

  • Gain an understanding of the current and future proxy voting agenda items, as well as how your company can best prepare, engage, and respond to them

  • Uncover how investors are managing climate risks and what exactly forms a “net zero investment portfolio”

  • Learn how to navigate the growing landscape of investor-driven initiatives, such as the CDP, Climate Action 100+, and more

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of engaging with heavy greenhouse-gas emitters instead of outright exclusion or divestment

  • Distinguish which company assets are likely to be “stranded” during the transition to a low-carbon economy

  • Discuss how many investors and insurers have mobilised finance to join the global struggle against climate change

  • Learn what role fintech and similar technologies play towards achieving net zero

  • Learn why board directors must ensure good governance and accountability in boardrooms

  • Consider what to ask senior management about climate change and your company’s net-zero ambitions

  • Understand the implications of a company’s investment decisions on its climate mitigation performance

  • Learn how to ensure board oversight around climate change reporting and scenario analysis

  • Examine the importance of integrating climate considerations into conducting fiduciary responsibilities and duty of care

  • Be able to distinguish the legal and ethical implications that climate action or lack thereof will have on your organisation 

  • Understand the new education and skills that stakeholders expect from board directors and executives

  • Consider the role of the board now and how it could evolve over the next 10 years

  • Learn how to implement effective transition strategies for businesses in the face of climate change

  • Uncover the common pitfalls to avoid, such as limiting climate scenario analyses to only account for slight variations 

  • Examine the trade-offs that are often overlooked when implementing effective climate transition strategies

  • Identify the most effective and credible mitigation, adaptation and drawdown approaches? 

  • Gain an overview of nature-based solutions and carbon offsets, as well as how to ensure their success

  • Understand the essence of the circular economy and how it can be integral towards securing a low-carbon economy

  • Consider means to ensure all employees and suppliers are climate competent

  • Learn how to formulate meaningful net-zero goals, targets and strategies

  • Get practical advice from the climate-change trailblazers, including Suzanne DiBianca (CIO & EVP Corporate Relations, Salesforce), Pia Heidenmark Cook (former CSO, Ingka Group/Ikea) and Erin Meezan (VP & CSO, Interface Inc.)

  • Gain insight from industry leaders on how to overcome climate-change related challenges and seize potential opportunities

  • Learn how to set the cultural tone at the head of your organisation to support climate change action 

  • Consider how to encourage further dialogue and collaboration among industry competitors, suppliers and other organisations

  • Uncover how to best use company resources to improve climate mitigation and adaptation practices

  • Gain an overview of the new skills and competencies required for the next decade

What you'll get from this program
for Business Professionals

What you'll get from this program
for Board Members

Endorsed by the Good Governance Academy

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Highly recommended for business leaders who wish to broaden perspectives and deepen knowledge around climate governance and sustainability...I've benefited from practical insights shared by the seasoned speakers and my well-experienced cohort. Thanks to Helle and her wonderful team for this high-quality program.
Agnes K Y Tai
Agnes K Y Tai
Director, Great Glory Investment Corp; Senior Partner/Responsible Officer, Yaozhi Asset Management International
When I enrolled in the program, my understanding of the implications of climate change to my company was superficial, at best. The program struck a great balance that made it relevant and useful to a “beginner” like me, but also provided a deeper dive that engaged those with more robust experience and knowledge. It really drove home that climate change is a risk and responsibility every sector must manage.
Karen McDonald
Karen McDonald
Director, Government Relations Central 1 Credit Union
A fascinating programme and, as a governor, really accelerated my thinking and understanding of this area of knowledge. My learning has already been put to good use.
Annabel Cotton
Annabel Cotton
Director, NZX Regulation

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Primarily discuss the topics through the lens of serving on the board. You must be serving on at least one board with fiduciary responsibility to enter this stream.

Discuss the topics through a wide range of business perspectives (including the board) and comprise senior executives, investors, and board advisors.

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