There’s now an extra treat in the goodie bag from your Competent Boards education. On top of the Designation or Certificate you receive at the end, you can now download a Credly badge to your LinkedIn profile. 

Credly has fast become the ”world’s largest digital credential network”. By gaining these badges, other people will have an understanding of what you’ve learnt, the skills behind it and how they apply in a professional context.

“Our current attendees and alumni are treating the Credly credential from Competent Boards like a badge of honour,” says Helle Bank Jorgensen, Competent Boards founder and CEO. “They are a powerful addition to our program and to our attendees’ profiles, which will only benefit the reach of our education programs moving forward.”

On top of that, the badges look great, too! For example, the ESG Designation program badge speaks to a thorough understanding of ESG and sustainability through the lens of good governance. 

And who doesn’t like collecting badges?

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