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Competent Boards Corporate Subscription Plans provide certification and upskilling for boards and management teams, ensuring compliance with evolving climate and sustainability standards.

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New regulatory requirements demand sustainability upskilling

The landscape of global corporate governance is rapidly transforming worldwide due to the implementation of ISSB’s global standards, the EU’s CSRD, the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule and other regulation. These mandate the disclosure of sustainability-related risks and opportunities and board members’ competency in climate and ESG matters.

A Corporate Subscription Plan will ensure leaders stay current and compliant to effectively manage sustainability challenges and create value for your business.

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Working with
Competent Boards

The corporate subscription service will:

  • ensure your board and executives meet their sustainability, climate and biodiversity competency and disclosure requirements
  • empower them to successfully oversee related risks and opportunities
  • inform them so they can stay on top of new regulatory trends and requirements

Weʼll keep your board and executives current with:

  • monthly updates
  • continually updated material guides
  • best practices from globally recognized board members and business leaders

How we support you


We provide your board and executives with relevant climate and ESG insight and foresight - so you can provide effective oversight


We provide best practices to accelerate organizational transformation, increase engagement, and improve culture and financial performance


We arm your board and executives with the right questions to ask, to protect your organization from internal and external greenwashing


We instill confidence so you can take decisive action to protect the interests of your organization

18 Learning Micro-Credentials

Learn how environmental, societal and geopolitical issues are changing expectations of businesses and the future of work, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, high inflation, the effects of COVID-19, data usage, AI, human rights and social justice.

Learn how to lead and plan to ensure resilience and business continuity during major disruptions, such as geopolitical upheaval, climate change, pandemics, societal changes and digital innovation.

Learn about the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they are affected by regulatory trends and government incentives in different parts of the world.

Take a closer look at why and how climate change impacts the environment, oceans, biodiversity, health, and the global economic and socio-economic outlook.

Learn about the rapidly growing expectations for disclosure around environmental, social and governance topics, plus how companies are best responding to those demands.

Learn about the impact of environmental and social disasters on supply chains, plus how to identify, assess and manage important risks.

Learn how to foster a pipeline of diverse talent into and through your company, understanding the full spectrum and business value of diversity itself as well as the regulations around it.

Learn the changing risks and expectations associated with anti-corruption, integrity, ethical practices and transparency.

Learn the business impact of the digital revolution, including blockchain, big data and AI generated opportunities.

Learn the latest global trends in taxation, investments and pay policies that will help drive ESG best practices at your business.

Learn and manage the material issues that you need to communicate to your shareholders and stakeholders.

Learn what good governance means now, and how that will evolve in the future.

Learn how climate change and biodiversity loss will impact your business, stakeholders, and the communities they serve, now and in the future.

Understand the fast-changing regulations on climate change and biodiversity loss, their shift from voluntary to mandatory, and their impact on your business.

Discover ways to effectively manage increasing climate and nature-related investor and insurer expectations. Investors can also learn to drive finance and influence firms towards a net zero, nature-positive future.

Learn why board directors must ensure good governance and accountability in boardrooms and what to ask senior management about your net-zero and nature-positive ambitions.

Learn how to implement effective transition strategies for business in the face of climate change and nature loss.

Gain insights from the pioneers of climate change and nature action in business on how they propelled these topics to the forefront of their organisations.

From an investor perspective

Companies that disclose they have engaged Competent Boards to upskill the board and management represent lower credit risk. It lends credibility, making them better prospects in an economic landscape with increasing ESG and climate risks.

From an insurer perspective

When asked to provide D&O insurance, insurers look at competencies at the board level similarly to the health of an individual seeking life insurance. Seeing that Competent Boards are educating a company’s leadership indicates good governance health and can positively influence corporate insurance premiums.

See what others are sharing about our programs

"Competent Boards offers a very structured and professionally executed global program which should be a must on every senior executive’s to-do list." (United States)

Indraneel Bhattacharyya (GCB.D)
Sr. Vice President - Global Compliance and Operational Risk, Bank of America

"There are a lot of development programs out there. This one is very, very, unique. You gain from talking to people that come from different walks of life, different companies and different situations, which prepares you to be a better board member."

Charles O. Holliday Jr.
Chair, Mission Possible Partnership; Former Chair, Royal Dutch Shell, Bank of America; Former Chair and CEO, DuPont

"I would highly recommend Competent Boards. I feel better equipped to oversee ESG and sustainability issues in my board rooms."

Leslie F. Seidman (GCB.D)
Non-Executive Director and Audit Chair, Moody’s Corp.

"The practical learning from the combination of knowledgeable global leaders in a variety of industrial and academic organizations, the experience and expertise of the program’s leaders, and regular interactions with the participating board members from many countries and organizations, was remarkable. The program exceeded my expectations."

Peter Bowie (GCB.D)
Independent Director, Magna International, Xebec, FedNav, DMZ Accelerator

"Highly recommended for business leaders who wish to broaden perspectives and deepen knowledge around climate governance and sustainability…I’ve benefited from practical insights shared by the seasoned speakers and my well-experienced cohort. Thanks to Helle and her wonderful team for this high-quality program."

Agnes K Y Tai
Chief EC.ESG Investment Strategist, BlueOnion

"Through practical examples and real life experiences, these programs will help any leader who wants to keep up with new environmental, ethical, financial and societal demands.”

Claudia Sender
Board Member, Telefonica S.A, Holcim, Gerdau, and Embraer

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