Our Faculty comprises global leaders and industry experts from around the world who have  extensive hands-on experience. They contribute valuable insights and knowledge to our programs, keeping  Competent Boards ahead of the pack in providing ESG, climate change and biodiversity education. As a result, we are always proud to share updates on their ongoing successes in their professional endeavours.

It has been a busy time for Klaus Kunz, VP and Head of ESG at Bayer and one of our recent faculty additions. Klaus has become a member of the Advisory Board of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on ESG and a member of ESG Practitioners with the World Economic Forum. His extensive experience in crop science and sustainable agriculture brings an additional lens to the business case for biodiversity, which is a growing concern for many modern boards.

Many congratulations to Jacob Sterling on his recent move to become the Senior Director, Head of Tailored Services at Preferred by Nature, a non-profit organization  that supports sustainable land development and business practices. Previously, Jacob was Senior Director, Head of Ocean Decarbonization and Innovation at Maersk. We look forward to hearing about his continued contributions to the field of sustainability and climate advocacy.

This month, Paul Polman published the Net Positive Employee Barometer report on “Conscious Quitting”. The report highlights why increasing numbers of employees are leaving positions at companies whose values and impact do not align with a world in which they want to live. More employees also want to work for companies who live by strong values and strive to solve problems such as climate change and inequality. Read the report to see how to turn these new risks into opportunities.

We look forward to profiling the achievements of more faculty members soon!

Megan Grace Halferty is the Faculty Engagement Coordinator for Competent Boards. Follow Competent Boards on LinkedIn.

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