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Alexandra Pimor

Director of Nature Governance, ELC

Alexandra Pimor is Director of Nature Governance at the Earth Law Center, where she engages in transforming the global ecology of law and governance into an eco-focused social contract. She works to foster meshworking and collaborative partnerships with Earth advocates. In 2022, she became one of the first proxies for Nature On The Board, serving a one-year cycle tenure at UK eco-beauty company Faith In Nature. She leads the Wildflowers, ELC’s Nature Governance team of collaborators, on providing Nature Governance services to organisations and businesses; and on curating a global program for the co-development of Nature proxies (the Dandelion Fellowship).

Alexandra Pimor is an Earth lawyer, published legal scholar, social entrepreneur, Advanced Certified Scrum Master, agile facilitator & systems coach. She is also the founder of SoaNoia, a consultancy specialising in conscious governance & leadership, and organisational & systemic transformation. Formerly a university senior law lecturer in Liverpool (United Kingdom), Alexandra has over 20 years’ experience in pedagogical engineering, research and policy analysis, with a focus on Public Law and Human Rights (in particular UK and EuropeanUnion); and on the interrelation between law, governance, spirituality and consciousness. She is a non-executive director at RiseUP (Europe) CIC; an executive member of the Spirituality Scholars Network; an executive associate of the Natural Arts Associations (Wales); and a professional volunteer at Notre Affaire à Tous(contributor to “Les Droits de la Nature”), and at Rights & Humanity (International).

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