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Ellis Jones

Independent Director, TimkenSteel Corporation, TPC Group

Ellis is a senior business leader with experience leading global teams, advising leaders, and developing high-performing teams to achieve sustainable success.  Ellis is an Independent Director for Timkensteel Corp (NYSE TMST), serving on the Audit Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.  Ellis is also an Independent Director for Arconic Corp (NYSE:  ARNC), serving on the Compensation and Benefits Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee.  In addition, Ellis was Vice President and Chief Sustainability Office for The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, leveraging his diverse background to integrate sustainability into Goodyear’s business model.  Before his role as CSO, Ellis was Vice President of Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Business Continuity.  Ellis’ career with Goodyear spanned over 33 years in Sustainability, Business Continuity, Environmental, Health & Safety, Operations, Finance, and Accounting.    

Ellis brings a unique combination of business experience, skills, and competencies to a board of directors. He is a courageous leader who can create and govern the structure, the environment, and the capability for an organization to achieve sustainable results. Ellis has been challenged throughout his career to lead underperforming operations and deal with complex organizational challenges. His leadership skills, business acumen, and operational knowledge have enabled him to influence performance. In addition, Ellis is skilled at aligning teams through effective strategy deployment.

As Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Goodyear, Ellis was challenged with integrating sustainability into Goodyear’s business strategy. He was responsible for operationalizing sustainability and connecting sustainability to all key business processes. Ellis led the development of Goodyear’s sustainability framework, Goodyear Better Future, enabling the integration of sustainability into essential functions, i.e., Material Science, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Marketing, Legal, and IT. In 2020, Goodyear’s BOD, Shareholders, and Customers recognized Goodyear’s rapid sustainability maturity and sustainability integration.

In addition to Sustainability, Ellis was responsible for Environmental, Health, Safety, and Business Continuity. He led the company through a safety culture transformation enabling the company to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. His strategy and leadership were recognized as significant contributors to the highest company engagement scores on record.

Before his role in Sustainability, EHS, and BC, Ellis was responsible for Race Tire Operations and led a transformation contributing to a 55% improvement in earnings. His ability to leverage operational excellence principles enabled sustainable business success.

Ellis received his BS in Accounting from Hampton University and a Master’s in Operational Excellence from Ohio State University.

Ellis A Jones

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