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Emily Waita Macharia

Senior Director, Public Affairs; Coca-Cola Africa

Emily is an experienced public affairs and sustainability professional having worked in diverse roles within Africa and Europe over the last 16 years. She has a solid understanding of the political, social and business operating environments within East & Southern Africa, Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

Emily has worked for 4 blue chip multinational corporations where she has contributed to building partnerships, respect and visibility through robust relationships, high impact sustainability initiatives, advocacy and policy advisory in complex working environments. She is currently the Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Leader for Coca Cola East and Central Africa Franchise comprising of 12 countries.

Emily currently sits on the Governing Council of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance as Chair for Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Semi-Arid Lands and serves on the board of East African Business Council. In both capacities, she plays a role in directing and leading industry to work together with Government and communities in developing initiatives that support mutually beneficial objectives such as an enabling business environment as well as the sustainable socio-economic development of communities.

She holds advanced certifications in leadership, business and sustainability from the Strathmore Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi.

Aside from her career interests, she has a personal interest in women in leadership and entrepreneurship. Outside of work, she enjoys youth mentorship, travel, health, culinary arts and is a trained fitness instructor.


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