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Josée Morin

Board Members, CIMA+ And MILA

Josée Morin is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned bilingual Corporate Director with more than 30 years of experience in information technology and healthcare. She launched two technology companies that were sold to large US corporations. She is known as a strategic thinker with the ability to identify growth opportunities and provide guidance to companies working through complex issues.

Josée is a Certified Board Director (ASC/C.Dir), Professional Engineer, (P. Eng), and holds an MBA and a BA in Electrical Engineering. Coupling that education to her professional business experience, she is a respected Board member, actively contributing to the sound governance of organizations. She shows expertise in the areas of strategic planning, cyber and IT governance, risk management and digital transformations, and sits on the Audit Committee of Several Boards.

Josée has served as a Corporate Director for a variety of private companies, not-for-profit, and technology investment fund Boards for the last 25 years. She now sits on the Board of major corporations. She participates in the creation of collective wealth byadvocating diversity, transparency, digital agility and solid business ethics. She writes regularly on governance at

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