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Khwaja Shaik


Khwaja Shaik is a Global IT Executive with 25+ years of technology, financial services industry, and board leadership experience. He has held various leadership positions at IBM, Bank of America, and PwC, where he was responsible for driving growth through digital acceleration. Khwaja is recognized globally as a Board advisor on Digital Transformation, AI, Cybersecurity, and ESG.

Service to others has been a part of Khwaja’s purpose throughout his career. He believes in creating a better world by integrating a noble purpose with business strategy through multi-stakeholder capitalism. As one of IBM’s CTOs, Khwaja counsels CEOs, Boards, and Startups on Future-Fit Tech strategy with board priorities, Risk identification and mitigation, Cyber Risk Oversight, and ESG.

Khwaja serves on the Museum of Science & History and UNF boards to promote economic equity, social, diversity, and inclusion for the prosperity of all. He teaches emerging tech, systemic risks, cybersecurity, AI ethics, and privacy-by-design efforts at UNF. Khwaja is a Fellow of Herndon Board Institute, sponsored by NASDAQ & Atlanta Life. Khwaja is proud to be part of both Ascend’s Pinnacle Aspiring Directors Academy and UNC’s School of Law’s DDI Board Boot Camp. Khwaja holds an MBA and an Engineering degree.

He regularly writes on LinkedIn, Twitter and is interviewed or cited in the news as an industry expert. Khwaja frequently speaks at elite universities around the world, including IIT Hyderabad, CIO IT & Security Forum, NYU School of Law, NASDAQ Center for Board Excellence, ACCD, MHI Supply Chain Conference, and JAX Chamber IT Council.

Khwaja has lived in India, the Middle East, experienced three different cultures first hand – each with their own unique set of values – and reads too much, doesn’t do enough gardening. He’s been married for over 23 years and has two remarkable boys who keep him young at heart.

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