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Peter Hall

Managing Director – Resonance Impact Advisory

Peter is the Managing Director of Resonance Impact Advisory and leads a team driving business transformations for impact and change.

He was formally the WSP Global Vice President & Director – Climate Resilience and ESG. He developed and delivered the ‘ADAPT for Impact’ framework for climate resilience and action for the private and financial sector. He is an advisor to the Climate Champions Team | Sharm el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda | Business Adaptation Transformation | Race to Resilience to create a better world for 4bn people and a net-zero future by 2030.

He is a Director for Resilient Cities Network & World Climate Foundation Partnerships, speaker at World Urban Forum, COP26 & COP27, UNDRR, Economist Impact & WCF Climate Investment Forums, workshop speaker at 2023 TED Countdown & LCAW. He is a systems change leader and has an Exec MBA Credential. Peter developed and manages the ‘ResilienceLens’ investment framework (developed with the Rockefeller Foundation) to drive project resilience value/investments, on the Exec Advisory Committee (EAC) for FAST-Infra, a Resilience First Advisory Board Member and on the Vision Council for the #ResilientNewZeroWorld campaign/film.

He is on the Meridiam Investments TURF Resilience Committee (on behalf of Rockefeller Foundation) with PIDG – a $10bn fund for projects with urban resilience value. He supports the UNDP, World Climate Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation partnerships for climate impact.

He is an advisor to the “Resilience Rising” program, on the SUP IPCC sixth assessment business WG, the International Coalition of Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) WG, and has led partnerships with Power of Nutrition & Arsht-Rock Resilience Center.

Co-author for ABB “Guide for EMS Implementation”, speaker at global city summits, Business fights Poverty, Environmental Analyst summits, Impact17, global infra dialogue, & RCN summits. Co-author on ‘Resilience Shift’ energy resilience primer, SAA plan & McKinsey Energy Resilience SAA Report.

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