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Shamini Dhana

CEO and Founder of Dhana Inc., GCB.D

Shamini Dhana is an award-winning innovator and pioneer in ESG and is the Founder and CEO of Dhana, Inc. and D/Sphere, industry-influencing businesses that are re-shaping the fashion industry with a focus on sustainability, technology, ethical treatment of workers, and creating a model for the circular economy through upcycling practices. Shamini is an accomplished business leader, public speaker, and matriarch with experience studying, working, and living in Singapore, the United States, and India.

A visionary in her own right, Shamini, after an eye-opening experience in India, launched Dhana Inc. to fulfill unmet market needs of a socially conscious clothing line designed specifically for infants and youth. As Shamini evolved her company to stay ahead of constantly shifting market and industry dynamics, she led the business to earn its first B-Corp certification in 2013, joining a collective action to address society’s critical challenges and requiring rigorous demonstration of ESG-focused business practices. Shortly thereafter, Shamini led Dhana, Inc. to earn B Lab’s “Best for the World” award for 6 consecutive years. Continuing on this trajectory, Shamini later adopted 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, double that of the minimum participation
threshold, and launched a unique and popular circular fashion jacket and collection under the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment. Additionally, Dhana, Inc. became a key contributor to a highly publicized case study on circular economy in the fashion industry entitled “WearOurValues”, whose press release saw over 100k downloads.

Staying true to her passion for positive change and unavoidable capacity for innovation, Shamini conceived, developed, and beta-launched D/Sphere in 2022. A multi-patented, AI-driven high-tech creative fashion platform, D/Sphere was created to empower people to design circular fashion with second-life materials while providing a social outlet to share their stories. Though originally intended for the fashion industry, D/Sphere’s technology shows major potential for use across multiple industries, where textiles, fabric and materials are utilized as a product.

Prior to founding Dhana, Inc., Shamini worked for the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, where she led ground-breaking work in foreign trade and investment in Asia Pacific, was responsible for the opening of the office in Singapore and served as Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services for Silicon Valley Bank. While at SVB, Ms. Dhana established the bank’s presence in India, established a dedicated fund, and championed a landmark Venture Capital mission to the country that ultimately fueled growth of assets under management from $70M to $70B.

Shamini holds a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences in Economics, Philosophy, and Statistics from the National University of Singapore and a Master’s in International Affairs/Business from California State University, Sacramento. She has also completed numerous ESG-related certifications in reporting, climate, innovation, and sustainability.

In addition to her work with Dhana, Inc. and D/Sphere, Shamini is an active Board Member, Advisor, and Executive Council Member for a host of non-profits focused on ESG, female leadership, and entrepreneurship.

As Associate Producer of The True Cost documentary, Shamini speaks, educates, and advocates for social and climate justice for workers in the fashion and apparel industry. Outside of her professional life, Shamini spends time with her husband, children and dog, enjoys cycling, hiking and nature, and continues to travel the world.

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