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William Jannace

Adjunct Professor, Fordham Law, Baruch University and Metropolitan College; Former Managing Director, NYSE & FINRA

William Jannace has worked over 35 years in the securities industry at the American and New York Stock Exchanges, FINRA and several investment banking firms. He currently serves as an expert witness for The Bates Group on securities litigation matters. He is a member of the faculty advisory group of ESG Competent Boards which provides professional development and advisory services focused on bringing ESG, Climate and Sustainability insight to boards, investors, and executives globally. He is also an adjunct professor/lecturer at Fordham School of Law, the U.S. Army War College, the Global Financial Markets Institute, Baruch University, and Metropolitan College, where he teaches courses covering: Broker-Dealer Operations and Compliance; Investment Adviser and Investment Company Regulation; Capital Markets and Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental, Social, Governance, Impact Investing, Sustainability, State Capitalism and Sovereign Wealth Funds;  AML and Economic Sanctions;  and Geopolitics, Geo-Economics, Statecraft, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Affairs, NATO and Grand Strategy.

Mr. Jannace has also conducted overseas training programs for the: Russian Securities Commission and Stock Exchange; The Capital Markets Authorities in: Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya; Saudi Arabian Capital Markets Authority; Securities and Exchange Board of India; Ukrainian Securities Commission and Stock Market; Romanian Securities Commission; Jordanian Securities Commission; Capital Markets Authority of Turkey; Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority; New York Institute of Finance- Beijing/China, the Taiwan Stock Exchange and for IOSCO in Spain. He is currently supporting a food security program in Africa through the development of East African commodities exchanges. He is also involved with social philanthropy impact investments in the Balkans, Middle East, and East Africa.

He is a CIArb Fellow and has served as an arbitrator for the Willem C. Vis Moot Court in Vienna, Austria.  He is a research affiliate with the Fletcher Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital, and a member of the: Bretton Woods Committee, NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons, and International Institute for Strategic Studies.

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