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Yoshiko Shibasaka

Office Director, IFRS Foundation; Representative for Yoshiko Shibasaka Corporate Reporting Office

Yoshiko has over 25 years’ experience on intangibles issues, which are including of ESG, intellectual capital and human capital from corporate sustainable value point of views. As a partner of KPMG, she was a leader for working for sustainability related issues, especially corporate reporting subjects. Especially, she had responsibility to conduct the survey for corporate reports in Japan from 2014.

Yoshiko has been appointed as a member of various committees organized by public entities. She is also a board member of the Japan Academic Society of Investor Relations and the Knowledge Management Society of Japan. She had also served as a visiting professor at Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

Yoshiko has graduated from Meiji University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, prior to earning a Master of Arts in International Economics from the School of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyoma Gakuin University.


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