Last night (morning in #Singapore), Helle had the pleasure of being interviewed live by Glenn van Zutphen the “Weekend Mornings” Radio Show Host of MONEY FM 89.3 – Singapore’s first and only business & personal finance radio station.

They talked about the importance of board members upgrading their ESG competencies to stay relevant to the investors and, therefore, be reelected, also discussed how ESG-Competent board members with a global outlook can help a company stay resilient and relevant to all its stakeholders while reducing costs. They discussed how it applies to a family business as well.

It’s about understanding the increased expectations of board of directors and their stewardship role and act upon it.
– Or you could say that it is about upgrading ESG competencies or being downgraded by your material stakeholders.

It took her some time to fall asleep after the interview, but it turned out fine.

Listen here:

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