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Radianto Kusumo

Radianto Kusumo

CEO and Co-Founder of Abm-Tirtanium, Chairman of the Board at Jawa Satu Power, Pt

Radianto is a C-level professional with 25 years of experience and a proven track record building businesses in different industries, namely, Banking, Investment, Logistics, Food Services, Technology Infrastructure, and Renewables. In his current role as the CEO and Co-Founder of ABM-Tirtanium, he assists clients and their communities to achieve a more productive and sustainable use of water, with a belief that when water is managed skillfully, productively, and sustainably, its value and impact can be optimized for all stakeholders. Tirtanium focuses on water treatment, water recovery & recycling, and clean water infrastructure.

As Chairman of the Board at Jawa Satu Power, PT, Radianto leads the board through SDG alignment and goal setting associating with the expansion of bringing energy investments to communities. Understanding the risks in these kinds of discussions is critical to ESG growth and compliance. Throughout his career Radianto has developed extensive relationships with various Indonesian and South East Asian businesses, Policy Makers, Family Offices and Institutions. He has held senior executive roles at HSBC, Quvat, and most recently as Group COO of PT Cardig Aero Services tbk.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from Boston University, as well as an MBA and MSc in Management and from CASS Business School, University of London.

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