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Richie Lee

Dr. Richie Lee

20+ Years Experience as Chief Sustainability and Energy Officer at MNCS in Asia

Dr. Richie Lee has 20+ years of global management and leadership experience in sustainability, covering strategy, policies, consulting, technologies, business development, project development, project investment, project implementation, sustainability audit and certification and Sustainability Reports etc at various MNCs, SMEs and governmental entities in S. E. Asian countries, Hong Kong and China, experienced in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, green building, waste management, wastes to energy, green transportation, sustainable procurement, biodiversity, sustainability audit and certification, carbon neutrality and carbon offset etc.

Richie was CEO at K. S. Lee Energy LLP in Singapore, Group Director, Energy Management at Esquel Enterprises Limited in Hong Kong/China, Senior VP, Eco City and Senior VP, Industry Development at Guangzhou Knowledge City in Guangzhou China, Executive Director, Energy & Sustainability – Asia at CB Richard Ellis in Shanghai China, Regional Director, Energy Efficiency, Schneider Electric S. E. Asia and Managing Director, KSLA Energy & Power Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore etc.

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