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The Increasing Demand for ESG and Climate Literacy | Nasdaq Spotlight: Helle Bank Jørgensen

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Behind the ESG headlines
Behind the ESG headlines
Leadership is written in large capital letters on a cog that is part of a larger mechanism
Reuters logo
Two hands holding the planet earth and a bunch of green leaves.
“Alumni Spotlight,” the Competent Boards logo, headshots: Alicia Rubi, Peggie Pelosi, and Valdiney Domingos de Oliveira.
Infographic showing The Path to Net-Zero: 10x10 Matrix key action areas
“International Women's Day Spotlight” the Competent Boards logo, headshots on the top row from left to right: Sarah Chandler, Sanda Ojiambo, Rebecca Marmot, Razan Al Mubarak, Melanie Chow. Headshots on the bottom row from left to right: Ida Krabek, Hannah Jones, Anita Varshney, Frances Beinecke, Helle Bank Jorgensen.
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