ESG Module: Dealing with Dilemmas: Turning Business Risks into Opportunities





Learn how to lead and plan to ensure resilience and business continuity during major disruptions, such as geopolitical upheaval, climate change, pandemics, societal changes and digital innovation.


In this module, you will:

Identify how the board of directors can fulfil its critical strategic role and set the cultural tone from the top

Understand how to balance short-, medium- and long-term goals, objectives, compliance and accountability

Examine the board’s role in shareholder and stakeholder communication, including creating trust and integrity

Study how incentives can drive wanted or unwanted behaviour

Scrutinize oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

Learn how to address shareholder expectations, letters and proposals, ratings and rankings, activist investors, and disclosure expectations

Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

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