ESG Module: How to Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals Strategically





Learn about the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they are affected by regulatory trends and government incentives in different parts of the world.


In this module, you will:

Explore the use of the SDGs as a common language to communicate with stakeholders

Assess how to use the SDGs framework as a strategic tool to understand the world’s biggest pain points and then determine risks and new opportunities

Understand how companies and investors are embracing the SDGs and using them for innovation and investment

Examine the link between the SDGs and ESG, as well as a company’s purpose and licence to operate and grow

Look at how global events and megatrends have prioritised and accelerated the implementation of SDGs by businesses and governments

Examine oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

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