ESG Module: How to Build ESG Oversight and Foresight





Learn about the rapidly growing expectations for disclosure around environmental, social and governance topics, and how companies are best responding to those demands.


In this module, you will:

ook at what investors are asking for and why does that matter

Get under the skin of ESG in businesses to discern greenwashing, “greenwishing” and “greenwalking”

Uncover how ESG disclosure issues are leading to securities class actions and civil litigation

Understand ESG ratings, rankings, indices and integration frameworks, as well as materiality risk and opportunity assessments

Discover why financial materiality assessments are integral to ESG being embedded in company strategy and board oversight

Learn how to integrate emerging risks into enterprise risk management (ERM) frameworks

Anticipate future trends and new requirements

Scrutinize oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential

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