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Learn about all sustainability related risks and opportunities, including geopolitics, ethical AI, digitalization, quantum technologies, cybersecurity, ESG from an investor perspective, climate and biodiversity risk, human rights, modern slavery, anti-corruption, and the future of good corporate governance. Minimize risk, create value, enhance resilience and establish good governance.

Sustainability &
ESG Designation and Certification (GCB.D)

Commit to achieving the highest standard of sustainability education.

Upcoming cohorts

Board Member cohort
For non-executive directors, independent directors, or executive directors of a company with 100+ employees.

Business Leader cohort
For senior executives, investors or board advisors.

Sustainability & ESG Certificate

Enrich your understanding of the critical components of good Sustainability & ESG performance.

Enhance important competencies essential to be an effective, insightful senior executive.

Sustainability & ESG Modules

Need to know about a specific aspect of Sustainability & ESG?

We’ve broken down our Sustainability & ESG Certificate Program into individual modules.

Dive into our selection of micro-credential programs!

ESG Fundamentals

Learn the most pertinent fundamentals for decision-making and long-term business success.

Examine major trends relating to each of the three ESG elements.

Upcoming cohorts

Mixed Cohort
Open for Board Members and Business Leaders.

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What you get Designation Program (GCB.D) Certificate Program
Live, interactive discussion and Q&A with global experts and fellow cohort members
No. of modules/sessions
Eligible for Alumni Membership
Designation (GCB.D)
Certificate of Completion
Credly™ digital credential
Current, real-life case study analysis and discussion with fellow cohorts and speakers
Program duration
24 weeks (12 sessions bi-weekly)
Up to six months
Monthly live Q&A session with Helle Bank Jorgensen and other program members
Final exam
Price (US$)

Our contributing experts include:

Our contributing experts include:

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Primarily discuss the topics through the lens of serving on the board. You must be serving on at least one board with fiduciary responsibility to enter this stream.

Discuss the topics through a wide range of business perspectives (including the board) and comprise senior executives, investors, and board advisors.

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