Curtis Ravenel

Curtis RavenelSenior Advisor to Mark Carney (COP26 Finance Adviser and UN Special Envoy) Member of the Secretariat, FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures Distinguished Fellow, Sustainable Finance, ClimateWorks Foundation

“..a certification from Competent Boards would be extremely useful in giving comfort to investors, that they have at least begun their journey, and are looking at these issues with clarity, competence and a strategic view.”

Mary Francia

Mary Francia – Partner, Board Practice, Odgers Berndtson

“I was impressed by the material prepared for the sessions of Competent Boards. Relevant and exceptionally well presented, I can see the benefits of board members by getting certified by Competent Boards and enhancing their effectiveness in the oversight of risk as well as advising on the opportunities that environmental and climate creates for companies.”

Nik Gowing – Founder, Director, Co-author ‘Thinking the Unthinkable’; Main Presenter, BBC World News 1996-2014

“The Competent Boards initiative has been ahead of its time. It was already being recognised as ‘trailblazing’. Now COVID-19 has created the existential threats for boards that many members had seemed to regard as unthinkable. They can do that no more. The ground is shifting. To remain as effective board members they have to confront and embrace these new realities, however uncomfortably. That is why Competent Boards is rightly having its moment. Its programme is a must for opening board eyes and minds to the new, unthinkable and existential realities we all confront.”

Do you want to be ESG, climate and sustainability competent?

Paul Polman – Former CEO, Unilever and Chair, International Chamber of Commerce

“Incredible initiative. Competent Boards will share knowledge, experience and insight to help train board members on how to capitalise on the opportunities the SDGs present.” (2019)

“As a contributor, I’m glad to see the positive impact it has. The gathering of world leaders in Davos will further speed up the request for leaders who understand and take action on climate, ESG, stakeholder engagement, and the other topics covered by the Competent Boards Certificate Program.” (2020)

Peggie Pelosi

Peggie Pelosi – GCB.D, Executive Director | Innovators Alliance, Board Member |Usana Health Sciences Inc. (NYSE: USNA)

“Environmental, Social and Governance challenges have become critical business issues. Helle Bank Jorgensen is one of the world’s thought leaders in the ESG space and through the development of the Global Competent Boards Certificate program she has pioneered important education on ESG for corporate board members. By assembling a global network of experts in the field of ESG, Helle has developed a curriculum that provides corporate board members and advisors the insight, awareness and competencies to effectively identify and oversee the associated business risks and opportunities. The Competent Boards program is the only resource of its kind.”

Jim's Profile

Jim Hagemann Snabe –  Chair, Siemens and Maersk

“I must congratulate you for hosting your program online instead of flying around the world spending CO2 while talking about sustainability.
I am looking forward to learning from peers during the Competent Boards Certificate Program.”

Herman Mulder – Co-founder and Chair, Impact Economy Foundation, Chair, SDG Charter Netherlands, Former Chair, Global Reporting Institute, and Former Director-General, ABN AMRO Bank

” The Competent Boards program is a unique, insights’-raising, thoughts’ provoking and actions’ inspiring platform among a great diversity of business leaders, linking yesterday’s learnings and today’s realities with future perspectives

Would your investors appreciate knowing that your board members are ESG, climate and sustainability competent?

Lee Kindberg

Dr. Lee Kindberg, Ph.D – Director, Environment & Sustainability, North America Maersk Line

“Helle Bank Jorgensen has done what many dream but few accomplish. She recognized the need to improve the climate and ESG knowledge and competence among Corporate Board members and advisors, established a company and distance-learning process to deliver the program, and leveraged her exceptional network of CEOs and other leaders to make it a reality. I was privileged to participate in an early program and continue to make use of the new knowledge and perspectives gained in both internal strategies and in interacting with external stakeholders.

This is a critical time for our world in terms of Climate and other Environmental, Social and Governance factors, and corporations and other organizations must play leading roles. The Competent Boards program is helping raise awareness and provide strategic knowledge and tools to enable that leadership.”


Lars Storr-Hansen – Deputy Chairman at PensionDanmark and CEO The Danish Construction Association

“The Competent Board Certificate Program is a great toolbox for both Boards and Boards Advisors to learn about ESG issues. Twelve modules cover the most pressing ESG issues at the moment, with advice and insights presented by some of the world’s most respected business, investment and sustainability leaders. The program format is easy to follow and is a great road into the future.”

Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay Khanna – Futurist at Baker McKenzie

“The Competent Board Certificate Program provided extremely helpful and deeply informed knowledge and insight from some of the world’s leading board directors, strategists and advisors. The Competent Boards team is completely committed to excellence and innovation in leadership, knowledge and learning at a pivotal time in human history. Today, the global commons and the corporate landscape are threatened by environmental, social and governance issues. Competent Boards strives to answer the question: How are boards to govern responsibly in such a potentially value-destroying global context?” 

Do you want to learn from the world’s leading board members, executives, investors and experts about ESG, climate, sustainability and the future of good corporate governance?

Allen White

Allen White –  Vice President and Senior Fellow, Tellus Institute and Co-Founder, Global Reporting Initiative, Corporation 2020, and Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings

“Corporate boards are custodians of the long-term well-being of the enterprise. In a turbulent world replete with economic, social and ecological uncertainties, effective custodianship requires both clarity of corporate purpose and a deep understanding of the systemic risks impinging upon the organization’s future.
I applaud Competent Boards for devising an innovative educational and convening strategy to realize both of these critical objectives.”

Anna Tudela

Anna Tudela, Acc. Dir., CCIP – Former Vice-President, Diversity, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary, Goldcorp Inc

“I loved my first session, you have definitely found a niche that every board member can benefit from. I think your program is superb as it offers views from many people from different parts of the world who have opinions or questions which makes all of us think differently. I see a lot of value in the certificate program you are running and consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to be part of it.”

Jan Maarten

Jan-Maarten Mulder – Board Member, Root Capital & Digital Divide Data

“Having considered several executive board programs, I am glad I chose to participate in the Competent Boards Certificate Program. Its broad range of topics, including ESG, transparency, diversity, climate, etc, is unparalleled and the format is ideal to dive into each of those issues. In addition, the speakers, background information and cases are excellent and very topical. I have gained practical insights that I deploy in my board work already. Highly recommended for any board member!”

Josée Morin, P.eng.- Board Director, Cima+ and Knowledge First financial

“I had the privilege of being a contributor to the Competent Board Certificate Program, in the Responsible Data Use and Cybersecurity session. I found the interactive content to be insightful and challenging, and the case discussions brought all the content into perspective. But one of the most valuable aspects was the richness of interaction between the participants and speakers, which come from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and experiences, deepening the learnings from the program. A top tier governance certificate program”

Do you want to learn with a global network of peers, share experiences and learn from each other?

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen – Global Executive Advisor, Salesforce

“There are growing expectations that companies actively manage and govern toward a broader set of sustainable measures and responsibilities when defining success today and as part of a sustainable future. This course provides consumable content by relevant experts who cut-to-the-chase on what needs to be addressed and monitored by today’s corporate board. I especially look forward to collaborating with the cohort and experts during the live sessions.”

Katie Dunphy

Katie Dunphy – Senior Manager, Global Sustainability Services- KPMG

“I really enjoyed the discussions with peers and guest speakers who actively contributed to the virtual format dialogue, offering niche industry insights and providing great examples. The videos bring together global thought leaders to share perspectives on some of the most pressing ESG challenges of our time. Program materials are rich with content, providing links to research, publications and media, and creating a helpful toolkit for navigating complex and dynamic risks. Competent Boards is a thoughtfully curated program with expert delivery  – a world-class resource providing insight into ESG themes as a key part of the Board agenda”.

Stine Birk

Stine Birk – Board experience internationally within infrastructure and private equity companies – from DNB Bank, ATP Pension and Industriens Pension

“You get great value for your money with this program. It offers easy access to extensive knowledge in a flexible format. The speakers are very experienced business leaders that provide inspirational insight from an international and business perspective. The broad catalogue of tools and case studies makes it easy to apply to individual real-life circumstances. The program has definitely extended the tool box for my future board work, bringing ESG better into play to create value for the business, shareholders and stakeholders.”

Do you want to learn from and together with world leaders – without having to travel?

Cathy Hansell

Cathy A. Hansell –  Founder and President, Breakthrough Results

“The Competent Board Certificate Program is a remarkable initiative for both Boards and Boards Advisors in learning about ESG issues. The program format is easy to follow, and the speakers are fascinating.”

Ian Roberston

Ian Robertson, CFA, MBA, MA –  Vice President, Director & Portfolio Manager, Odlum Brown Limited

“The Competent Boards course I attended was excellent.  What was so good – and made the course so different than other courses – was the level of dialogue that the moderators fostered.  Their expert views and experiences, along with the high-level input from other course participants were a powerful combination.  Rather than ‘spoon-feed’ participants a ‘this is how you do it’ diet, the interactive format allowed us to draw real life lessons that we can bring to our own boards.”

Mark A. Pfister – CEO and Chief Board Consultant, M. A. Pfister Strategy Group

“Board Member appointments remain extremely competitive and the search for values-driven leadership has become paramount. What better way to show your knowledge and discipline in the ESG area than a Global Competent Boards Designation certification.”

Prepare for emerging and future challenges.

Stephanie C

Stephanie Catalano – GCB.D, Director, Financial Reporting | MasTec, Inc. USA

“The Competent Boards program comprehensively explores the broad subject matter of Sustainability. Each session was packed with relevant topics and actionable items. The preparatory materials, coupled with each session’s presentation and live guest speaker discussions, were thought-provoking and inspiring – providing the knowledge and resources to be able to apply the learning in real-time. Thank you for providing such a robust toolkit and for bringing this innovative concept to life.

The Competent Boards Team is highly responsive, professional and approachable, and do a terrific job coordinating the session materials, presentations, speakers, classroom break-out sessions, and the like. Additionally, they are creative, flexible and hands-on, providing many avenues for questions and feedback, such that no matter the issue, they have a solution.”

Pheonix Zhang

Phoenix Zhang – Managing Director, CSR Solutions Limited

“This is a great course which has lots of great speakers and contributors sharing their knowledge and insight. The course design is very unique and time efficient. I enjoyed it a lot! I would definitely recommend it.”

Andrea Palmer – GCB.D, Product Specialist, Triodos IM | President, Net Impact Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Competent Boards has brought together some of the world’s most inspiring sustainability leaders to teach and steer the course of corporate impact from the highest level of governance. Competent Boards has built a truly effective network of changemakers to continue paving the way for sustainable business across the globe and their work will continue to have a tremendous impact on people both in their professional and personal lives.”

Do you want to stay on top of demands from stakeholders?

Ellie Bushfield

Elle Bushfield –  M.S, 5G Citizens Entreps Awards Global Juror for Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9), UN Messenger of Humanity™️, Global Goodwill Ambassador, and Teach SDGs Ambassador

“I was privileged to attend the Competent Boards’ session on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…. I came away from the experience feeling much more informed and prepared to assist those in the business industry adopt and incorporate the SDGs into their company vision and purpose. I strongly recommend the Competent Boards’ program to anyone looking to increase their impact in today’s business environment.”

Peter Dey

Peter Dey – Chairman, Paradigm Capital Inc and the “godfather of Canadian governance”

“We know that Governance will be different on the other side of the pandemic. We don’t know how different. But we know that the pandemic has exposed many of the weaknesses in our Governance systems and is giving us an opportunity to rethink Governance. We are being challenged to create systems that better reflect the role of the corporation in our community.
Competent Boards is way out in front in helping us to identify the weaknesses in our current system and helping us to respond. The programs organized by Competent Boards and the resources it has given us position all of us who are involved in rethinking Governance an excellent platform on which to move forward.
Thank you, Competent Boards.”

Leesa Muirhead – GCB.D, Strategy and Development Lead at World Benchmarking Alliance, Netherlands & UK

“Competent Boards’ global expertise is evident and underpinned by the highly organized team. The collegial team is incredibly well-coordinated, and service orientated. My experience with Competent Boards was exemplary – Competent Boards is clearly committed to supporting high-performance outcomes on an ambitious goal, which is combining sustainable development leaders within successful businesses.”

Gavin Pitchford– CEO & Founder, Delta Management

“I was blessed two weeks ago to participate in a session run by Helle Bank Jorgensen’s Competent Boards certificate program – it was exceptional in terms of the background material provided, the discussions that took place, and the other leaders involved in the program. I learnt an incredible amount in a compressed timeframe, and I’m happy to recommend the program to anyone who thinks a Board role is in their future.”

Amanda Ellis – Director Global Partnerships | ASU Global Futures, USA Exec Dir, Hawaii/Asia-Pac | ASU Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Professor of Practice | Thunderbird School of Global Management, Former NZ Ambassador to the UN/Prime Minister’s Special Envoy 2013-2016

“Competent Boards has created a ground-breaking initiative to bring together business leaders around the critical agenda of stakeholders – as opposed to simply shareholder – engagement. Too often policymakers, scientists and business leaders all talk past each other, but Competent Boards has created an innovative educational platform that is truly collaborative and brings all voices together in a respectful environment. A colleague at Salesforce highly recommended the course and I am so thrilled with all I am learning and able to share. Competent Boards is just what we need to create the world we want by 2030!”

Bryan Buggey

Bryan Buggey – GCB.D Director, Vancouver Economic Commission, Canada

“Today, business and community stakeholders are demanding more than just financial performance and returns for shareholders. Now, corporations must deliver on environmental and social governance, as well.
The Competent Boards programme allows boards, executives and their advisors to identify gaps and act on the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their business. The content includes important topics of climate, diversity, human rights, supply chain, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), anti-corruption, transparency, cybersecurity and more. Remarkably, Competent Boards has been able to bring together a world-class group of highly experienced business executives to speak on their insight and positive impacts of these fields.  Most importantly, when put into practice, the outcomes from these practices at the board level will create a better world for us all.  From a progressive economist and economic developer such as myself, this kind of impactful governance really matters.
While there has been tremendous momentum from a grass-roots, bottoms-up approach to demand more change (both environmentally and socially), I believe that complementing the voices for change with strong board-level governance will effect change even faster for the benefits of all stakeholders and society at large. Incorporate Canada, Helle Bank Jorgensen has created a quiet movement that will become transformational for the benefit of all Canadians. When I recommend the Competent Boards program to individuals, I am inviting them to land on the right side of history.”

Louis Martin Richer

Louis-Martin Richer – Senior Vice President, Marsh Canada Limited

“In founding Competent Boards, Founder and CEO Helle Bank Jorgensen and her team have redefined, well before Covid-19, how we must work together to ensure that leaders recognize the importance of responsible and sustainable performance. Bringing together the dreamers, the realists, the doers and the subject matter experts in a worldwide virtual forum is the perfect catalyst to engage change. Competent Boards is not about telling people what they should do but instead giving people tools and building soft skills to have informed conversations that lead to sound decisions about how to do things better. So many times, we ask ourselves what our peers are doing? Competent Boards provide the forum to get some answers.

As a “student” of Competent Boards, I can say that the team and speakers make the program experience relevant and unique. The structure is flexible with its combination of reading materials, case studies, videos and seminars. Support is beyond professional and must be commended for making things happen seamlessly.

One can only hope that more will contribute to the enrichment of this program to make it a recognized reference when investing in continuing education.”

Judith Mosely

Judith Mosely – Non-Executive Director, BlackRock World Mining Trust plc, Non-Executive Director, Galiano Gold, Trustee, Camborne School of Mines Trust, Board Member, Women in Mining, UK

“I have recently joined the Competent Boards board programme as a non-executive director based in the UK. We are fortunate that the programme has been set up in such a way that it works perfectly as an online forum to exchange views on key issues impacting boards and their companies. Competent Boards has been able to bring together not only excellent opinion leaders from industry and academia but also a broad church of board members. I am particularly impressed that even amid the COVID pandemic Competent Boards has been able to ensure that the impact of COVID in terms of both risks and opportunities for companies is debated. There’s no question that the team has put heart and soul into this initiative. The team at CB is always responsive and professional. The programme materials are well presented with a perfect amount of detail including videos of key speakers. I am really enjoying the programme – quite inspirational!”


Geoff Pegg – GCB.D, Sustainability Director, TELUS, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Helle has created Competent Boards, leveraging her vast experience and an extensive network of global ESG leaders and practitioners, to increase the ESG knowledge of current and future Board members on the topics that matter most to help their organizations improve resiliency in these times. Competent Boards has created a certificate program and a repository of resources that is practical, informative and fun, and is to be commended for their innovative approaches and leadership in advocating for enhanced governance.”


Soledad Matteozzi – Argentine and New York Attorney, Counsel at Alfaro-Abogados (Argentine law firm) based in NY, Executive Director at the Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce (based in NY)

“Competent Boards is such an important tool for executives and Board members in today’s world. This is a unique program, unlike anything else that I have seen. Post-Covid, it is even more relevant due to the flexibility of the online classes/session and the importance of addressing ESG issues and macro trends that will affect us all in the short and long term.”

Edith Cecchini

Edith Cecchini – Board member, Sustainable Harvest International

“Competent Boards has created an incredible curriculum to serve Boards and others in leadership well into the future. The program provides the knowledge, discussion, and network for all of us to improve the world we are in and to plan and execute on important undertakings to achieve the world we want to live in- the world we want our children to live in. CEO Helle Bank Jorgensen does not only brings her years of expertise to the program, but she and her team bring a personal touch that shows that they truly care about this work.”

John McMillin

John M. McMillin III – Board Member/Limited Partner, Lord Abbett, USA

“While I still have a long way to go before completing the program, Competent Boards has already made me more aware of sustainability issues. As a board member, I can better identify and act on the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of the business. Climate change and carbon footprints can’t be just “swept under the rug” anymore. More than anything, this program helps me ask the right questions.
Founding Competent Boards reflects CEO Helle Bank Jorgensen’s passion for a better and cleaner world, but make no mistake, she knows the business, the numbers and the leaders. I appreciate hearing from Competent Boards’ network of executives on issues like climate change and business sustainability.”

Tanya Dos Santos

Tanya Dos Santos – Global Head of Sustainability, Investec, South Africa

“I have only been on the Competent Boards course for about seven weeks now but through the various videos, I have been blown away by the ability to connect with the most highly profiled CEOs and experts in their fields and to draw insights from them that are immensely valuable to board members. I also love the compassion that Competent Boards has shown in allowing a percentage of the program fee to go to a person in need during COVID-19. That is important for us as leaders to see from other leaders.”

Lynette Gould

Lynette Gould – Investor Relations Professional, Galiano Gold, Canada

“The team at Competent Boards has done an excellent job in building a course that is very topical, and being able to garner the interest of so many global leaders that were willing to take the time to provide their insight through videocasts speaks to the importance and commitment they have to advancing the knowledge of the ESG space. As well, it speaks to the strong reputation of Competent Boards as providing a leading-edge program for Board Members and Executives. In addition, the team was very well organized in delivering the program.”

William Surphlis

William A. M. Surphlis – GCB.D, President and Founder at Brooklin Consulting, Canada

“Competent Boards is targeting Boards as the influencers of our future corporate landscape and is working hard to elevate the Stakeholder to the status they should hold. The program is comprehensive, enlightening, sustainably delivered and fun. The individuals who have contributed to the program are leaders in their fields globally and bring real-life insights to the program.”

 Jennifer Varey – Director, CSR & Community Investments, Enbridge, Canada

“By focusing on the role of the board, and those within companies who advise boards, Competent Boards is addressing a unique need at a critical time for corporates facing higher expectations from their employees, shareholders and customers around ESG and corporate responsibility. CEO and Founder Helle Bank Jorgensen’s deep connections with thought leaders in North America, Europe and Asia enable her to bring thoughtful, sometimes provocative and always top-notch speakers to our sessions. There really is no other leadership forum that can compete – and virtual delivery is both true to sustainability and an incredible way for participants to make truly global connections.”

Tim Bekhuys

Tim Bekhuys – Vice President, Environment & Community Relations at SSR Mining, Vancouver, Canada

“As a practitioner for over 35 years in ESG, this is the first Board certificate program that speaks to the globe’s most pressing issues. I’m grateful for Competent Boards’ leadership in establishing this program and forthrightness during the sessions. The calibre of speakers and content is truly inspiring!”

Pamela Strifler

Pamela Strifler – Vice President of Global Stakeholder Strategy and Affairs, Bayer Crop Science, USA

“Helle Bank Jorgensen is a visionary and pioneer in Sustainability. She is a deep expert on the SDGs and strives to create an impact by devoting her professional career to advancing the efforts of all leaders, especially those in the boardrooms across the globe. As the founder of Competent Boards, she is creating lasting impact. I am proud to have taken the Competent Boards Certificate Program which has broadened my perspectives.”

Doris Honold

Doris Honold – Non-Executive Director at Credit Suisse International, Chair of Board Risk Committee, London, UK

“I would describe my experience after 3 sessions as the following: Competent Boards has succeeded in creating a high-class virtual experience bringing together a truly international group of professionals for a thoughtful learning experience as well as a stimulating exchange of ideas. I have been impressed by the speakers, all thought leaders in their respective fields and the ease at which the sessions are executed. The agenda topics are highly relevant and thought-provoking. The whole program is well thought through and tailored for global board leaders or those that aspire to become one.”

Tamara Somers

Tamara Somers – Senior Specialist, Sustainability, External Affairs & Legal, Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia (ASX: TLS)

“Competent Boards’ programs have filled a critical gap in Executive and Director education at a time when the world needs clear-sighted and thoughtful corporate leaders, able to see beyond the next quarter’s results to the long term sustainability of their business, the communities they impact, and the planet. Founder and CEO Helle Bank Jorgensen’s passion for sustainable development, responsible business and good governance have allowed her to develop an incredible network of thought leaders, Board members and former CEOs across the globe. I was fortunate enough to be a part of Competent Boards’ second cohort of students. This was a tremendous opportunity to connect with professionals from every continent who are involved in advising Boards on these critical issues. The curriculum was rich and the number of senior executives with whom we had the chance to interact was nothing short of extraordinary.”

Kevin O'Kane

Kevin O’Kane – COO at SSR Mining Inc., Canada

“Helle and the team at Competent Boards have assembled an incredible program of conversations, debates, and inquiry, led by her and other important experts connected into the important issues that face all of us. The cohort that I am participating with is a diverse group of thoughtful leaders in their own right. Competent Boards not only has organized sessions led by world thought leaders but is also facilitating networks that cross-industries, subjects, and geographic boundaries. This is truly powerful and will plant “competent seeds” of leadership amongst us all.”

Anirban Ghosh

Anirban Ghosh – Chief Sustainability Officer Mahindra Group

“The understanding of climate change, its impact on business and ways to deal with it are constantly evolving. A pandemic like COVID-19 amplifies uncertainties. In this milieu, the programs done by Competent Boards enable a pragmatic and positive perspective on the way forward where economic, social and environmental sustainability are intertwined. It is an alternative way to live, work and play on earth that gives Boards a chance to transform the organizations they lead. 

During a time when businesses and communities are trying to find solutions in a turbulent and unpredictable world, the Certificate Program of Competent Boards is a great peer-learning experience. Helle’s passion and hard work bring together people from all around the world to engage on the one big imponderable that all of us have to deal with!”

Katie Schmitz Eulitt

Katie Schmitz Eulitt – Director, Investor Outreach at SASB – Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, USA

“Competent Boards is helping meet a previously unmet and critical market need of preparing sitting and prospective board members with the training necessary to tackle unprecedented challenges faced by companies and society in the 21st-century. In fact, Competent Boards is training board members and candidates to re-envision what companies and societies of the future could look like.

Competent Boards began digitally convening thought leaders from around the world for this programme well before COVID-19 made such practices de rigueur. CEO Helle Bank Jorgensen’s own subject matter expertise makes her well-qualified to deliver much of Competent Boards’ content but – as great leaders do – she draws upon the expertise of others too, providing diversity of thought and experience often lacking in so many programmes.

Outcomes catalyzed via Competent Boards training have the potential to positively reverberate throughout board rooms, companies, and society for years to come.”

Amy Larkin

Amy Larkin – Founder, Nature Means Business, Director, PR3

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the work you do with Competent Boards.  It sounds so simple…”competency”.  But we live in a world where most of us avoid rigor, due diligence, attention, difficult questions, nuance, complexity and long-term vision. Those are all the essentials for a citizen as well as any corporate board member.  Thank you for your work with Competent Boards and your lifelong work of integrating social and environmental issues into the business and financial landscape.  Brava.”

Kristen Mariuzza, PE

Kristen Mariuzza, PE – Vice President, Environment & Social Performance, Lundin Mining Corporation, Canada

“When I accepted a new role within my company, I wanted to improve my ability to communicate with the executive team on the broader issue of sustainability. In other words, to learn their language so we could discuss sustainability effectively.

 My experience with Helle and Competent Boards has not only been educational, it has motivated and inspired me to focus, in a new way, on the current and future challenges we face as a society. The material provided is thorough, wide-ranging across sectors, and incorporates some of the world’s best leaders in the field. It prepares individuals to guide their organizations into the future, as the expectations of society evolve; to recognize their organization’s broader role in society; and, to ensure their organization is prepared and increasingly resilient to manage through the challenges in the future.”

Thomas Gann - Chief Public Policy Officer McAfee, LLC

Thomas Gann – Chief Public Policy Officer, McAfee, LLC

“Helle Bank Jorgensen and her team at Competent Boards do an amazing job of keep Directors up to date on the most cutting issues facing management today.  In the area of cybersecurity, Helle has taken an active interest in ensuring that the content and the training for her members is up to date, useful, and most importantly, strategic.  On a personal note, I cannot think of a professional who I have enjoyed working with more than Helle – she is a total professional and an ace in every way.  She is very deserving of the peer recognition she has received.”