Curtis Ravenel

Curtis Ravenel – Special Advisor, FSB Task Force on Climate – related Financial Disclosures, Former Global Head, Sustainable Business & Finance at Bloomberg LP

“..a certification from Competent Boards would be extremely useful in giving comfort to investors, that they have at least begun their journey, and are looking at these issues with clarity, competence and a strategic view.”

Mary Francia

Mary Francia – Partner, Board Practice, Odgers Berndtson

“I was impressed by the material prepared for the sessions of Competent Boards. Relevant and exceptionally well presented, I can see the benefits of board members by getting certified by Competent Boards and enhancing their effectiveness in the oversight of risk as well as advising on the opportunities that environmental and climate creates for companies.”

Do you want to be ESG, climate and sustainability competent?

Paul Polman – Former CEO, Unilever and Chair, International Chamber of Commerce

“Incredible initiative. Competent Boards will share knowledge, experience and insight to help train board members on how to capitalise on the opportunities the SDGs present.” (2019)

“As a contributor, I’m glad to see the positive impact it has. The gathering of world leaders in Davos will further speed up the request for leaders who understand and take action on climate, ESG, stakeholder engagement, and the other topics covered by the Competent Boards Certificate Program.” (2020)

Peggie Pelosi

Peggie Pelosi – Board Director, USANA Health Sciences

“The role of the Board of Directors is changing. As corporations shift from a solely shareholder focus to stakeholder focus, the issues of environmental, social and governance risks and responsibilities are increasingly a subject of urgent discussion around the board table. Board Chairs and CEO’s are re-thinking the skills, experience and oversight that directors need to bring to the table. The Competent Boards Certificate program is unlike any other board training- and provides in-depth knowledge through experts and case studies on ESG issues for directors and aspiring directors. I am in the midst of completing this program and highly recommend it!”

Jim's Profile

Jim Hagemann Snabe –  Chair, Siemens and Maersk

“I must congratulate you for hosting your program online instead of flying around the world spending CO2 while talking about sustainability.

I am looking forward to learning from peers during the Competent Boards Certificate Program.”

Would your investors appreciate knowing that your board members are ESG, climate and sustainability competent?

Lee Kindberg

Dr. Lee Kindberg, Ph.D – Director, Environment & Sustainability, North America Maersk Line

“The rich prep packages include videos with amazing speakers, some of whom then participate live on the discussion sessions. Each session has a focus theme, and a range of voices (e.g., Greenpeace to industry to news media to academics), and a case study to pull those thought streams together. The insights from the other participants are also very interesting. The combination results in a very effective and engaging distance learning structure.”


“The way I communicate internally and externally about our corporate strategy and the SDGs has definitely moved up a level and gained more depth due to the learnings from the Competent Boards program.”


Lars Storr-Hansen – Deputy Chairman at PensionDanmark and CEO The Danish Construction Association

“The Competent Board Certificate Program is a great toolbox for both Boards and Boards Advisors to learn about ESG issues. Twelve modules cover the most pressing ESG issues at the moment, with advice and insights presented by some of the world’s most respected business, investment and sustainability leaders. The program format is easy to follow and is a great road into the future.”

Do you want to learn from the worlds leading board members, executives, investors and experts about ESG, climate, sustainability and the future of good corporate governance?

Allen White

Allen White –  Vice President and Senior Fellow, Tellus Institute and Co-Founder, Global Reporting Initiative, Corporation 2020, and Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings

“Corporate boards are custodians of the long-term well-being of the enterprise. In a turbulent world replete with economic, social and ecological uncertainties, effective custodianship requires both clarity of corporate purpose and a deep understanding of the systemic risks impinging upon the organization’s future.

I applaud Competent Boards for devising an innovative educational and convening strategy to realize both of these critical objectives.”

Anna Tudela

Anna Tudela, Acc. Dir., CCIP – Former Vice-President, Diversity, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary, Goldcorp Inc

“I loved my first session, you have definitely found a niche that every board member can benefit from. I think your program is superb as it offers views from many people from different parts of the world who have opinions or questions which makes all of us think differently. I see a lot of value in the certificate program you are running and consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to be part of it.”

Jan Maarten

Jan-Maarten Mulder – Board Member, Root Capital & Digital Divide Data

“Having considered several executive board programs, I am glad I chose to participate in the Competent Boards Certificate Program. Its broad range of topics, including ESG, transparency, diversity, climate, etc, is unparalleled and the format is ideal to dive into each of those issues. In addition, the speakers, background information and cases are excellent and very topical. I have gained practical insights that I deploy in my board work already. Highly recommended for any board member!”

Do you want to learn with a global network of peers, share experiences and learn from each other?

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen – Global Executive Advisor, Salesforce

“There are growing expectations that companies actively manage and govern toward a broader set of sustainable measures and responsibilities when defining success today and as part of a sustainable future. This course provides consumable content by relevant experts who cut-to-the-chase on what needs to be addressed and monitored by today’s corporate board. I especially look forward to collaborating with the cohort and experts during the live sessions.”

Katie Dunphy

Katie Dunphy – Senior Manager, Global Sustainability Services- KPMG

“I really enjoyed the discussions with peers and guest speakers who actively contributed to the virtual format dialogue, offering niche industry insights and providing great examples. The videos bring together global thought leaders to share perspectives on some of the most pressing ESG challenges of our time. Program materials are rich with content, providing links to research, publications and media, and creating a helpful toolkit for navigating complex and dynamic risks. Competent Boards is a thoughtfully curated program with expert delivery  – a world-class resource providing insight into ESG themes as a key part of the Board agenda”.

Stine Birk

Stine Birk – Board experience internationally within infrastructure and private equity companies – from DNB Bank, ATP Pension and Industriens Pension

“You get great value for your money with this program. It offers easy access to extensive knowledge in a flexible format. The speakers are very experienced business leaders that provide inspirational insight from an international and business perspective. The broad catalogue of tools and case studies makes it easy to apply to individual real-life circumstances. The program has definitely extended the tool box for my future board work, bringing ESG better into play to create value for the business, shareholders and stakeholders.”

Do you want to learn from and together with world leaders – without having to travel?

Cathy Hansell

Cathy A. Hansell –  Founder and President, Breakthrough Results

“The Competent Board Certificate Program is a remarkable initiative for both Boards and Boards Advisors in learning about ESG issues. The program format is easy to follow, and the speakers are fascinating.”

Ian Roberston

Ian Robertson, CFA, MBA, MA –  Vice President, Director & Portfolio Manager, Odlum Brown Limited

“The Competent Boards course I attended was excellent.  What was so good – and made the course so different than other courses – was the level of dialogue that the moderators fostered.  Their expert views and experiences, along with the high-level input from other course participants were a powerful combination.  Rather than ‘spoon-feed’ participants a ‘this is how you do it’ diet, the interactive format allowed us to draw real life lessons that we can bring to our own boards.”

Prepare for emerging and future challenges.

Stephanie C

Stephanie Catalano – Director, Financial Reporting, MasTec, Inc

“Tuesday’s session was terrific. It was fantastic to be part of such a diverse group and to be in a live session with such an engaging speaker. I found the preparatory materials to be insightful, thought-provoking and helpful. The virtual classroom concept is great!”

Pheonix Zhang

Phoenix Zhang – Managing Director, CSR Solutions Limited

“This is a great course which has lots of great speakers and contributors sharing their knowledge and insight. The course design is very unique and time efficient. I enjoyed it a lot! I would definitely recommend it.”

Do you want to stay on top of demands from stakeholders?

Ellie Bushfield

Elle Bushfield –  M.S, 5G Citizens Entreps Awards Global Juror for Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9), UN Messenger of Humanity™️, Global Goodwill Ambassador, and Teach SDGs Ambassador

“I was privileged to attend the Competent Boards’ session on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)….

I came away from the experience feeling much more informed and prepared to assist those in the business industry adopt and incorporate the SDGs into their company vision and purpose. I strongly recommend the Competent Boards’ program to anyone looking to increase their impact in today’s business environment.”

Peter Dey

Peter Dey – Chairman, Paradigm Capital Inc and the “godfather of Canadian governance”

“I think the focus that you have brought to the whole development of governance at the board level is timely. It’s not that we’re lagging, but we need to have people like yourself who are challenging some of the conventions of governance and forcing us to think beyond these conventions.”