Join peers and get insight from board members, investors and experts on the Responsible Use of Data and Cybersecurity

Register For Session – Responsible Use of Data and Cybersecurity

Oct 8th, 11-12:30 pm EDT

Register For Full Certificate Program – Non-Board Members

Nov 12th – Apr 28th, 2020

Register For Full Certificate Program – Board Members

Nov 12th – Apr 28th, 2020

Why You Should Attend This Session

• Gain practical insight into Responsible Use of Data and Cybersecurity
opportunities and disaster containment strategies

• Receive summarized critical learnings in pre-course videos, readings, a case study and a 90-min interactive session

• Join from anywhere to hear the experience of sought-after speakers 


  • Ethical considerations of the use of data including big data and AI generated opportunities
  • How can cyber risks impact how responsibly a company’s reputation is perceived
  • Cyber propaganda and ‘Fake News’
  • Cybersecurity and how it links to the SDGs
  • Increased organizational and personal data-protection vs. the use of data for good
  • Data collection, stakeholder privacy concerns, and the ethical management of confidential information
  • Disaster containment, recovery and business continuity
  • Oversight – how to question the strategy for the use of data and the cybersecurity strategy

Receive the Following Preparation Materials

  • An Insight Video – Featuring clips from our interviews with global leaders 
  • A Guest Speaker Video – Hear from Kersi Porbunderwala, President and CEO, Copenhagen Compliance, The EUGDPR Institute and The Information-Security Institute as he discusses data protection
  • A case study video to be discussed with peers during the session
  • Recommended readings, reports, frameworks, tools, etc.
  • A list of questions to help you understand and evaluate whether management’s approaches appropriately consider the changing risks and opportunities

* Those attending select sessions are not eligible for the Competent Boards Certificate. Should you attend 8+ sessions you can receive the certificate for an additional fee.