Join peers and get insight from board members, investors and experts on Tax, Investment and Pay

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March 31st, 11-12:30 pm EDT

Online – Limited Seats Available

Why You Should Attend This Session

• Gain practical insight into responsible tax policies, how to make well-informed investment decisions and executive compensation issues

• Receive summarized critical insight in pre-course videos, readings, a case study and a 90-min interactive session

• Join from anywhere to hear the experience of sought-after speakers 

Live Speakers

Tax, Investment and Pay Speakers


  • When tax optimization is no longer responsible
  • The cost of ownership in a volatile world – dilemmas when investing for the long-term
  • How to question the socioeconomic impact of potential business decisions
  • What information is needed to make well-informed capital investment and capital expenditure (CapEx) decisions
  • When executive compensation is hurting the business
  • Oversight – how to question financial decisions and the impact on the business’ reputation and longevity

Receive the Following Preparation Materials

  • An Insight Video – Featuring clips from our interviews with global leaders 
  • Guest Speaker Videos – Hear from Mark Reid – Global Leader Rewards and Executive Compensation, Willis Towers Watson and Mark HawkinsMember of the Executive Committee, President and Chief Financial Officer at Salesforce, Member of the Board of Directors for SecureWorks and Plex Systems, Founding member of the USA Chapter of The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project CFO Leadership Network
  • A case study to be discussed with peers during the session
  • Recommended readings, reports, frameworks, tools, etc.
  • A list of questions to help you understand and evaluate whether management’s approaches appropriately consider the changing risks and opportunities

* Those attending select sessions are not eligible for the Competent Boards Certificate. Should you attend 8+ sessions you can receive the certificate for an additional fee.

Register for Session: Tax, Investment and Pay

March 31st, 11-12:30 pm EDT

Online – Limited Seats Available

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